TULSA, Okla. — A custodian in Oklahoma says he was surprised when someone bought him a truck to keep him working at a Tulsa school.

Anthony Brown, 22, works at Carnegie Elementary as a custodian, but a car crash that left him without transportation put his job in jeopardy.

Brown says the insurance process has been a drag since someone else caused the crash and took off on foot, totaling his car.

Because he lives 20 miles away from the school, Brown missed two days of work after the crash.

He told the principal he’d either have to start taking the bus that got him to work four hours early and walk home, or find another job.

That’s when the principal posted to Facebook asking for help.

Within minutes, an anonymous family said they’d give him their truck. The principal says that is despite the fact that the family is going through a hard time of their own.

By the end of the day, other people had also volunteered and come up with ways to buy him a car if the truck didn’t worked out.

The principal says the students and parents love Brown, and he didn’t want the custodian to work anywhere else.

Brown says he feels very loved. He said he was surprised, because he didn’t know how important he was to everyone.

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