A teenager battling cancer got some help from her community to celebrate her last Christmas.

Savannah Lewis, 16, of Coppera Cove, Texas was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma after she broke her leg in a cheerleading accident, KWTX reports.

Dad David Lewis said the injury led doctors to discover the tumor.

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“Later on it was determined that injury activated her tumor,” said David Lewis.

Doctors say Savannah likely has just a few weeks left. Her community came together to help make her final days full of love and support.

A group called the Pink Warrior Angels renovated Savannah’s bedroom when they learned she was diagnosed with cancer. Then, when she was no longer able to climb the stairs, they transported everything to a downstairs bedroom for her.

Neighbors also treated Savannah to a Christmas surprise, decorating the family’s home with lights and taking Savannah on a carriage ride.

Savannah is now in hospice care. Her family is grateful for all their community has done for her.

“She was just happy, I know, when they took her to go see the room … She was still on a lot of medication but it made her smile, which is very rare,” said David Lewis.

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