Two children born addicted to heroin have a new home after their foster mom decided to adopt them.

Janet Siemer of Cincinnati has been fostering Landen and Makayla, now toddlers, for two years, WKRC reports. She said their first few weeks of life were difficult, because they were born addicted to heroin. Landen had a difficult, weeks-long withdrawal period.

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“He had all the symptoms. The diarrhea. The vomiting. The sensitivity to light. So it was quite a challenge the first three nights. He would wake up screaming. I’d comfort him and he’s fall asleep for five minutes. And then he’d wake up again. After the first night I thought oh my gosh, what am I getting myself into,” said Janet.

After getting Landen through the difficult time, Janet took in Makayla, who was in better shape at birth.

On Monday, Janet officially adopted Landen and Makayla. She said she’s glad she could help these kids and her community.

“The reason I became a foster parent is I saw every day how heroin affects families and there were children in need of foster care,” said Janet. “But also because I love children, so why not?”

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