A couple is getting ready to jet off on their honeymoon after tying the knot during the solar eclipse.

Samantha and Cameron Kuhn tied the knot Monday in St. Joseph, Missouri, which was in the path of totality. The couple celebrated with their friends and family at a galaxy-themed wedding. They provided solar viewing glasses to all their guests.

“Being able to do the wedding on the day of the solar eclipse couldn’t be any more perfect,” Samantha told ABC News.

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The bride’s hair was dyed turquoise and fuchsia, mimicking celestial colors. The pair wore shoes printed with stars and the center pieces at the reception feature starry lights.

The couple leaves for their honeymoon in Colorado on Wednesday.

“We got a big enough cabin that we’ll be alone with our pup for two days then we have a bunch of friends that are going to meet us to stay with us for a few days,” said Samantha.

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