Who needs an alarm system or a gun for protection, this couple used their laundry basket!

Larry Helm and is wife heard someone downstairs. When they turned on the light, the intruder started shooting in their direction.

That’s when Larry grabbed a laundry basket full of clothes and threw it at the shooter. The suspect ran away.

At church, Larry compared their story to David and Goliath.

“He had a rock I had a basket full of clothes. One of the members said, ‘Good thing they wasn’t folded!’ (laughs). I told the brother ‘From now on you have a basket of clothes by your bed. No problem I understand,” joked Helm.

The Helms say police were quick to respond and they’re thankful for everything they’re doing to find the home intruder.

Laundry basket helped save couple’s life from an armed intruder

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