By Scott Flynn, WSB-TV

BROOKHAVEN, Ga. – He’s only been on the job for two weeks, but a local police officer is already making a mark on his community.

The Brookhaven Police Department in Georgia posted on its Facebook page Thursday about how Officer Bell met Mary Anna.

The elderly woman told Bell she went to a nearby dentist for a painful loose tooth and wanted it removed.

For whatever reason, the dentist told Officer Bell that Mary Anna was being a difficult patient and he did not want to treat her.

So Bell went above and beyond the call of duty, and made an appointment with another dentist in Town Brookhaven.

Bell even followed Mary Anna in his patrol car as she drove over to the dentist’s office, and he walked her in to make sure she got there OK.

“Mary Anna was happy to get her tooth removed,” the Facebook post said. “Officer Bell is our newest officer in his second week with Brookhaven.”

A dentist accused this woman of being ‘difficult’ and refused to treat her. So a police officer stepped in to help

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