A bride is going viral after swapping her bouquet for a puppy in need of a home.

Samantha Clark, 23, of Pleasantville, Iowa is an animal lover and dreamed of incorporating some furry friends into her wedding, the Des Moines Register reports. She saw a lot of brides trading in their flowers for “puppy bouquets” instead, and Clark was hooked.

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“I don’t think anyone thought I was crazy enough to really go through with it,” Clark the Register. “Everyone loved it. “You can’t deny puppies.”

She and her bridesmaids worked with AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport to make it happen. The rescue group brought a litter of weeks-old pups on the big day. The puppies were a chihuahua and dachshund mix.

“It was a really sweet way to bring raise awareness to rescue dogs,” said Amy Heinz, owner of the shelter.

The puppies also inspired wedding guests to donate to the shelter, according to PEOPLE. The newlyweds didn’t take home one of the puppies, since they already have three dogs, but they hope all this attention helps to get these pups loving homes soon.

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