BURLESON, Tx. – Firefighters are crediting an 85-year-old man with saving two women after their SUV flipped over and burst into flames.

Lindell Marbut was at his Burleson, Texas home when he says he saw an out-of-control car crash in his front yard and catch fire.

“Car  landed right here, and it burned up right here,” Marbut told KDFW, pointing to the end of his driveway.

Trapped inside the car were two women. Without wasting any time, Marbut rushed up to the car and used his cane to pull the women to safety.

“I got my walking stick, and pulled it out and seen this woman’s hand sticking out and I got her and pulled her out,” said Marbut.

Marbut’s caretaker rushed next door to call 911. When firefighters arrived several minutes later, the two women had already been pulled to safety.

“If it wasn’t for the gentleman to pull them out, it wouldn’t have been a good turnout,” said Keith Flemming with the Johnson County Fire Department.

Marbut told KDFW that he doesn’t feel like a hero.

“I just feel like an old man trying to save somebody’s life. I’d do it again if I had to,” said Marbut.

85-year-old uses cane to save two women from burning car

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