BOW, Wash. – A family in Washington State is relieved after stranger showed up at their door holding their daughter’s hand after finding her walking on the side of the road.

Marc Breckenridge was driving home with his fiancé in Bow, Washington late last Saturday when he saw a dog on the road.

“The first thing I saw was Zoey, their chocolate lab, standing right in the middle of the road,” Marc Breckenridge told KCPQ.

Breckenridge slammed on his breaks in time to see 5-year-old Paislee Parris and her 6-year-old friend running after Zoey down the road. He spotted a light that Paislee was carrying.

“Come to find out it was her little baseball bat that had a little light on the end and it was going to show her the way as they were going to go on their adventure,” he said.

Breckenridge and his fiancé immediately stopped and rushed to grab the girls from the busy road.

“I asked the girls and said, ‘What are you doing and where are you going?’ And they said ‘We’re going to the store!’ And I said, ‘What?’ And they said, ‘We’re going to the store and we’re going to buy some treats and get some toys.’”

The store was a half-mile away from the Paislee’s home. She and her friend devised the plan to sneak out after her parents went to bed.

Breckenridge took the girls by the hands and walked them all the way back to Paislee’s home.

“We actually passed two other cars within a half-mile of this river, so those two other cars had to have either seen them, or gone right next to them and almost hit them and who knows,” he said.

Paislee’s father was shocked when the stranger showed up at their door with their daughter and friend at his side.

“His eyeballs were as big as saucers,” said Breckenridge, “and it was just like, where? And, what?” recalled Breckenridge.

Tiffany Parris was just grateful Breckenridge brought her daughter home safely.

“Just by the grace of God he stopped and realized something was wrong,” said Parris. “I cannot thank him enough, from the bottom of my heart.”

5-year-old rescued from busy road after sneaking out to ‘buy toys’ with friend

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