By Matt Wotus

Mason Williams loves everything about the police, and the 4-year-old in Longview, Texas, even has his own play squad car. For his birthday party last Saturday, his parents asked police if they could drive by the house and potentially turn on the siren and take a couple pictures.

What took place, though, the Williams family never expected.

“First we saw the huge SWAT vehicle, then there were two cop cars behind it,” Katy Williams, Mason’s mother, told KLTV. “I yelled at Mason told him there was a surprise for him outside.”

Several officers were in attendance, and they even brought a remote-controlled miniature squad car for Mason to control. Additionally, the little boy got a tour of the vehicles and his own Longview Police Department patches and stripes.

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“Just really went way out of their way, way out of their way, to make it a special birthday for him,” Mason’s father, Aaron Williams, said.

Police were also aware that Mason’s sister, Ellie, has special medical needs, which puts a burden on the time the family can spend together. At one point, Mason didn’t get to see her for two months while she was at a children’s hospital in Dallas, which was really hard for him.

“The fact that they even showed up was a huge deal,” Katy said. “They heard our story and one officer handed us a card, and inside there were a couple of gift cards in there with a really sweet note.”

It was definitely a memorable birthday party for Mason.

“When somebody does something for you, it means something. When they do it for your child it means a whole lot more,” Aaron said.

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