After undergoing 22 brain surgeries, a boy is finally starting his first day of kindergarten.

Dylan Lipton-Lesser of Chesterfield County, Va., was born 11 weeks early, which sparked several health complications. According to his Facebook page, which is managed by his family members, Dylan weighed just 3 pounds when he was born. He spent 101 days in the NICU battling a dangerous infection and hydrocephalus.

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Now, after surviving all those surgeries by the time he was 5 years old, Dylan is thriving, and his parents are celebrating his first day of kindergarten.

They thank the community for all the support they’ve shown him.

“The fact that we have a school system that can accommodate and in fact help students with disabilities to become the best that they can be is one of the great things about living in this county and this state and in this country,” mom Shirley Lesser told WRIC.

If you’d like to follow Dylan’s journey, click here to follow him on Facebook.

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