LISBON, Maine – A 10-year-old girl in Lisbon, Maine got a big shock when her military dad returned home from deployment overseas.

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Airman Sean O’Brien has been serving in Kuwait since July, the longest he has ever spent away from his family.

On Monday, he surprised his kids at school. An incredibly moving video shared by WGME showed a teacher asking O’Brien’s 10-year-old daughter, Malley to answer the door.

She got up and opened the door, then started walking back to her seat. She turned around to see who was walking inside.

When she saw her dad, she screamed “Daddy!” as she leaped into his arms in a fit of joyful tears.

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O’Brien also surprised his two sons. In another video, O’Brien crouched down behind his son, Lincoln, as he diligently did his classwork. Lincoln was dressed in a child-sized military uniform, which matched his dad.

According to O’Brien’s wife, Alyssa, it was spirit week at school and Monday’s theme was Heroes vs. Villains. Lincoln decided to dress like his dad, since he is his hero.

10-year-old loses all control when her military dad walks into classroom

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