This is for expecting moms. If you’re not expecting, you’ll probably have this reaction after reading.

Okay moms, let’s get real.

Before I had my first child, I obviously had NO idea what to expect when it came to labor, delivery and postnatal care. No matter how your delivery goes, your body will heal but it always helps to have products that will help with the pain. Below are some MUST HAVE items that will help you recover and feel better quickly so you can attend to your new bundle of joy.

VAGINAL DELIVERY FIRST AID KIT: Trust me, you’ll need everything on this list.

  1. Maxi pads: I’m talking SUPER absorbent maxi pads. I used the “thin” ones and used a lot of them. Buy a lot more than you think you’ll need. (Option: Always MAXI Pads Super with wings)
  2. Motrin: You’ll be on this for the first week or so to help with the inflammation down there.
  3. TUCKS Medicated Pads with witch hazel: I’m so glad these exist. Many women tear and get hemorrhoids… these help with both. They help ease any pain by “cooling” the area. (Option: TUCKS)
  4. Hemorrhoid cream: I promise you won’t regret getting this. If you end up getting hemorrhoids from pushing (or from pregnancy), you’ll lather this stuff on like icing on a cake. (Option: Preparation H)
  5. Ice packs: Take as many as you can from the hospital. You’ll only use these for the first couple of days to help with the inflammation and pain down there after delivery. (Options: Perineal OB Pad Cold Pack, TendHer Perineal Ice Packs)
  6. Lidocaine spray: Yes, yes and yes. You’ll want this to help ease pain from tearing and hemorrhoids (Option: Dermoplast)
  7. Squirt bottle – aka poor man’s bidet: I took mine home from the hospital. After delivery, you don’t want to touch anything down there.  Fill with lukewarm water before going to the bathroom. Instead of wiping, squirt away. (Option: Irrigation Bottle)
  8. Stool Softeners: Trust me, pooping will be the last thing you’ll want to do but obviously you need to do it. I have never loved stool softeners so much. (Option: Dulcolax Stool Softener)
  9. Stiz bath with Epsom salt: Sweet relief. This promotes faster healing, cleans and provides relief from pain or itching. The bonus, it’s cheap and easy to do. (Options: Sitz Bath, Epsom Salt)
  10. HUGE Granny Panties: Like, huge. Think about it. You’re trying to fit massive pads and sometimes ice packs down there. You’ll need extra room. Granny panties work as well as boy shorts. Buy some inexpensive pairs that you can (and will gladly) trash once you have healed. (Examples: Hanes, MAMIA boy shorts)

**Many of my examples come from simply because I’m a huge fan of Amazon Prime. I do not profit from people clicking on the links. All of these items can also be found at your local drug store… sometimes at a lower price.


For expecting moms only… otherwise this may gross you out

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