A California woman wanted to adopt a shelter dog, and found a loving pit bull companion named Thor. She had no idea Thor had a special gift to detect seizures Рsomething that is very important for her.

According to KTVU, Danielle Zuckerman is a former navy nuclear scientist. She had a spinal cord injury that causes her to have seizures. One day, Thor, who is normally very calm, jumped into her lap and started barking, desperately trying to get her attention. She thought it was strange, and a few minutes later, she had a seizure.

The same thing happened eight more times over the course of two months, and that’s when she knew it wasn’t a fluke.

Zuckerman’s doctor says her body emits a hormone when the seizures are about to happen. Humans can’t detect it, but dogs can. Thanks to Thor’s help, Zuckerman can now take a special medication to cut down the length of a seizure when she knows it’s about to happen.

Woman unknowingly adopts dog that detects seizures

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