A North Carolina woman is dead after she adopted what she thought was a good-natured dog.

Suzanne Story, a mom of two, died after her dog Buddy attacked her.

Story’s family said she got the dog from Virginia for free after spotting it in an advertisement. According to family, the pit bull’s previous owners told her it was well behaved and good with children.

Wednesday afternoon, Story went to clean Buddy’s cage and that’s when he turned violent.

“She had lacerations about the neck the face area it took approximately five to seven minutes to control the dog,” Sheriff Eric Tilley told WAVY.

By the time medics could get to the home, time had nearly run out.

“She didn’t die till they left here with her,” said Debbie Brown, the mother of Story. “They were gonna put her on the helicopter, and when they got there to put her on the helicopter she had already died.”

Brown says the rest of the family is trying to support Story’s two children.

Buddy was put down the day after the tragic incident.

Woman killed by Pit Bull she recently adopted

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