BUTTE-SILVER BOW, Mont. – A group of quick-thinking firefighters managed to save a puppy who got its head stuck inside a wheel.

According to a Facebook post, the Butte-Silver Fire Department in Montana were called to help an 8-month-old coonhound named Blaze. The puppy’s owner had let the dog play outside for a few hours, and found Blaze trapped with his head inside a wheel.

Firefighters say they used “a lot of coconut oil, patience, a lot of ear tucking and some powerful skin-pulling” to free Blaze’s head.

Blaze was uninjured after the ordeal, but had some minor swelling.

“Hopefully this was a valuable lesson for young Blaze, and we won’t have to respond to any more menacing incidents involving this playful puppy,” the fire department wrote online.

When this puppy found himself stuck in a odd situation, these firefighters knew just what to do

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