NEW YORK – A woman is thanking a 5-month-old pit bull puppy for saving her from a terrifying attack.

Maya Fairwether told the New York Post she was out walking her boyfriend’s puppy, Apollo, around his Brooklyn, New York neighborhood. She had let Apollo off his leash at the park and was listening to music in her headphones.

“I felt someone pull my headphones,” Fairwether told the New York Post. “I thought it was my boyfriend grabbing me, so I turned around and smiled — but it wasn’t my boyfriend.”

Fairwether said the man started attacking her, pushing her to the ground and trying to take off her pants.

Apollo quickly rushed to her side and bit the man, causing him to run away, WABC reports.

“He was so protective,” Fairwether said about Apollo. “I think it would have been a lot worse. I wouldn’t have been so lucky.”

Apollo and Fairwether returned to her boyfriend’s apartment after the incident. Her boyfriend, Carlos Guzman, took her to the police station where they filed a police report.

Police are now looking for the man.

When a man allegedly tried to rape a woman, this pit bull puppy taught him a lesson he won’t forget

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