MICHIGAN CITY, Miss. – A special bond between a little girl and an orphaned calf is warming hearts across the country.

“They are just so cute,” mom Lacey Gray told ABC News. “My heart cannot even contain all of that love.”

Lacey is a professional photographer from Michigan City, Mississippi. She was hoping to do a photo shoot with a calf, and asked her husband’s uncle if she could borrow one of his.

“He laughed so hard. He said, ‘That is not how that works. You cannot just borrow a calf without the mom going crazy,'” recalled Gray.

The next morning, she got a call from him after one of his cows suffered an accident.

“The tone in his voice was clearly that something bad had happened. He said ‘Do you really want a calf?'” said Gray. “He told me, ‘The mama fell and she’s not going to get up from it. She will die from this. I’m calling you to see if you want this baby, but you have to bottle-feed it several times a day.'”

Gray agreed, and soon the family fell in love with the calf. According to WMC, Gray’s 2-year-old daughter, Kinley, instantly formed a special bond with the calf, now named Molly. Kinley loves to spend time with her new friend, feeding her and giving her kisses.

Kinley doesn’t even let the family’s dogs get close to Molly.

“I’m finding so much joy starting my mornings at 5 a.m. with her and watching her love for our family grow,” Gray told WMC.

Check out photos and videos of Kinley and Molly below:

Toddler insists on taking care of baby cow whose mother passed away

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