Residents of an Atlanta apartment complex lost nearly all their worldly possessions in a devastating fire Friday night. But they say none of that matters after brave firefighters rescued their beloved pets from the flames.

Caitlin Strischek was one of several neighbors who looked on helplessly, inconsolable because her dog Marley was still inside.

Then, amidst her despair …

“Oh my God! My dog! My dog is alive, oh my gosh! Thank you,” Strischek said as firefighter Monty Adams pulled Marley to safety.

He says as soon as they could safely go in, he went looking for the dog Strischek calls her best friend.

“She told us where it was and dog was sitting there on the chair waiting on someone to come rescue him … . The ceilings were starting to come down from all the water,” Adams said.

“Thank you so much. Thank you. I was terrified. He’s OK. I’m so happy,” said Leah Seidell as she was reunited with her cat Sammie, soaking wet and covered in soot.

She believes he managed to get out on the deck to stay safe.

“He probably was just getting water on him but you know what I’m just glad he’s alive,” Seidell said.

Firefighters say the flames collapsed the second story, forcing them to pull back and attack from outside.

Complicating matters, the fire hit a gas line that fueled the flames. Some neighbors lost everything but say having each other is what matters.


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