If you’re looking to add a new furry friend to your family, look no further than the Atlanta Humane Society.

Located at 981 Howell Mill Road, the Atlanta Humane Society takes in dogs from all across the southeast, hoping to find them loving forever homes.

Here are just a few of the dogs looking for a new home this week.

  1. Flower is a 4-year-old pug-boxer mix who is very playful and calm. She needs a family who can take her out at a couple times a day. She gets along well with other dogs.


2. Laura is a 2-year-old pit bull mix who loves being outside and playing with other dogs. Her ideal family has a yard, so she can get plenty of exercise.


3. Luke Duke was brought to the Humane Society by a beagle rescue. He’s a little nervous around new people, but loves to cuddle.

Luke Duke

4. Hugo is a 60-pound, 2-year-old terrier pit bull blend. This goofy dog is loving, playful and energetic.


5. Chopper is an 11-year-old is a long haired dachshund. He is well trained and loves attention.


6. Eddy is a “min-pin” or a 14-year-old miniature pinscher and weighs about 24 pounds. He’s friendly, quiet and always happy.


7. Sir Charles is an 11-year-old boxer terrier mix, weighing about 50 pounds. He loves playing outside and is very friendly with strangers.

sir charles

8. Franco is a 2-month-old Labrador mix. Fully grown, he’ll weigh about 60 pounds.


Dogs for adoption at the Atlanta Humane Society

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