By Shelby Lin Erdman, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

The dog kennels at the Denver Animal Shelter do not have tops on them, but that wasn’t a problem until Pearl arrived.

The shelter posted a photo of the agile Chihuahua trying to make a daring escape from her enclosure. It looks like she almost made it, too.

But Pearl didn’t spend much time at the Denver shelter. She was so shy that she was transferred to another animal rescue group in Fort Collins, Paws on the Ground Colorado, where she was taken into foster care, Denver’s News 9 reported.

“She wasn’t enjoying the shelter life and needed to go into a foster home, instead to help build confidence and provide a secure environment outside of the shelter,” Lindsay Curry told the TV station.

Curry is fostering Pearl until she’s ready for adoption and said the tiny dog is still honing her climbing abilities as she waits.

Climbing chihuahua attempts daring escape from Denver shelter

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