A dog is back with his family thanks to a storm chaser who found more than just a hurricane this weekend.

Aaron Jayjack describes himself as a storm chaser and outdoorsman in his Twitter bio. According to a video posted over the weekend, he was in Runge, Texas chasing Hurricane Harvey when a dog jumped into his car.

“I stopped for gas and this guy was following me down the road and when I stopped he jumped into the Jeep,” Aaron Jayjack said in a video posted to Twitter.

He asked his followers to share the video in hops of find the dog’s owner. He nicknamed the lost pup “Harvey.”

His tweet went viral and soon the dog’s owner came forward. The dog, whose real name is Cash, is now back with his family, according to a Twitter update by Jayjack.

Cash was clearly happy to see his family again.

“Cash was trying to climb out [the] window to [his] owner,” Jayjack wrote.

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