QUEENSLAND, Australia – A 7-year-old boy in Queensland, Australia finally earned enough money to buy a $3,000 pony.

Mom Juliana Kent posted a video of her son, Sabastian Kent, meeting his new pony for the first time.

Sabastian cried tears of joy when he saw a white pony named “Tom Boy” in his family’s red barn. He sold lemonade for two years to save enough money to make it happen. His mother told CNN he managed to save about $2,200.

“He saved his tooth fairy, Christmas and birthday money too,” Kent told CNN.

Kent said she was never too worried about the money, but wanted her son to learn the value of commitment.

“It was never about the amount of money he saved but actually about his commitment and determination at his age to (achieve) his dream,” said Kent.

Kent told Inside Edition that she managed to keep the whole thing a surprise from Sebastian.

“We had Tom Boy transported overnight and delivered while he as at school,” Kent said.

Watch the now-viral video of the big reveal below:

7-year-old boy sells lemonade for years, finally saves enough to buy the pet he’s always wanted

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