A third grade student in need of a new wheelchair is thanking his best friend, who managed to raise enough money to make it happen.

Kamden Houshan and Paul Burnett have been best friends ever since meeting on the playground in kindergarten at their San Diego elementary school. They’re now in third grade and still love spending time together, WKRP reports.

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Kamden was born with a tumor in his spine that left him paralyzed from the chest down. He’s still an active young man who loves to play adaptive sports like ice hockey and basketball.

Paul noticed that Kamden was in need of a new wheelchair.

“I kind of want a new wheelchair, because I will not tip forward anymore,” said Kamden.

With his mom’s help, Paul went online and started a GoFundMe page for Kamden. Within two weeks, they had exceeded the $3,900 goal for a new chair.

The new chair will arrive next month.

“I was so happy because I have this kind of friend to be kind to me, and I like it how he was thinking of me to get a new chair,” said Kamden.

When his friend needed a new wheelchair, this boy knew exactly how to help GoFundMe