Pro Football Hall of Famer, and one of the most controversial figures in American history, O.J. Simpson — who was released from a Nevada prison in October after serving time for armed robbery and assault — has been kicked out of a Las Vegas casino and banned for life for being belligerent, TMZ reports.

Simpson was reportedly inebriated at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas and became disruptive. TMZ said Simpson “was angry at hotel staff, and glasses broke at the bar.” Simpson was escorted off the premises by security and was banned for life from the property.

Simpson’s attorney Malcolm LaVergne confirmed to the Associated Press that Simpson was banned but claimed that Simpson wasn’t intoxicated or belligerent. He also said the Cosmopolitan gave no reason for the ban.

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Since he’s been out, O.J. has reportedly been frequenting bars and other social gatherings in Las Vegas. He was granted parole upon his release, and it’s unclear at this time if the incident in the hotel will affect his parole standing in any way. LaVergne says Simpson met with his parole officer, who confirmed that Simpson was not under the influence of any substances.

TMZ recently shared this video of Vegas hotel and casino mogul Steve Wynn addressing the situation. “He’s too much excitement for us,” Wynn says when asked if O.J. should be allowed in his casinos.

O.J. Simpson was banned from a Vegas casino, allegedly for being a rowdy nuisance Ethan Miller/Getty Images