A Texas man is on a mission from God to honor the 26 people who perished in Sutherland Springs as they attended a Sunday service at the First Baptist Church.

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Miguel Zamora has decided to carry a 150-pound cross from New Braunfels to Sutherland Springs, a 40-mile trek. New Braunfels is where mass murderer Devin Kelley was from.

Zamora spoke to News 4 San Antonio about his journey and his motivations behind it.

He said that he’s “gotta get it there. You for them” — them being the victims.

Zamora’s cross weighs 150 pounds and has the words “one nation under God” and “we love you Sutherland Springs” written on it. Zamora said that although his shoulders are bruised, and his hands have been falling asleep along the way, a message “love one another” is driving him to keep on going.

“[The reason I’m doing this is to] show my love and show the love of God to the families. That’s really my main message just love one another,” he said.

People passing by on the road couldn’t get enough of Zamora’s walk.

“I almost hit the breaks when I saw him,” Ann Wyss told the news outlet. “Good thing I didn’t because there’s three cars behind me, and I said he is really doing it! That is absolutely phenomenal.”

Zamora has responded by thanking Wyss and others for encouraging him to continue on to Sutherland Springs.

Sutherland Springs was the location of a fall festival where parents and kids gathered just five days before members of the congregation would be murdered.

Their killer was in their midst.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Devin Kelley appeared at the First Baptist Church for an annual festival, an appearance that surprised churchgoers who knew about a “domestic situation” believed to have been behind the shooting.

A photo album of the festival was posted on the church’s website.

Not only was the church community surprised that Kelley was there, they saw this a turning point for him.

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“This church is very loving, nonjudgmental and if he had had concerns or issues and spoken with the clergy — they’re nonjudgmental,” Tambria Read told the Chronicle. “They would have helped him deal with his issues and helped him try to get focused.”

A Texan’s Christ-like journey for Sutherland Springs victims is amazing, and people can’t get enough