Sex, betrayal, torture. Those are just a few words that describe Jennifer Lawrence’s new film ‘Red Sparrow.’

Lawrence has been very outspoken about her fear of doing nudity in films ever since she was hacked in 2014. Nude photos were leaked onto the web.

She told Hot Topics host Heather Catlin she felt comfortable shooting vulnerable scenes in ‘Red Sparrow’ simply because of her longtime friend director Francis Lawrence. He worked with Jennifer on three of the Hunger Games movies.

“He was the only one who could take this daring material written the way that it was and be able to trust him to make it tasteful,” she told Catlin.

Lawrence said the role helped her get her power back.

“When it was done, i just really felt proud of getting through it and empowered,” she said.

Another big hurdle to get over, perfecting a Russian accent.  Lawrence confessed, it’s not her best skill.

“I would have to stop sometimes. Sometimes my accent goes a little Jamaican.”

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