Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson told Good Morning America it’s “flattering” that people are talking about him running for president.

Would he actually run? Only he knows, but his Baywatch cast mates told Hot Topics host Heather Catlin they’re all about The Rock for President.

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“I think he can, actually. I really do think he can,” said Priyanka Chopra. “In today’s times, I guess anyone can be president… Why not Dwayne who is an upstanding citizen, a great guy and achiever and does so much for the community. Of course.”

Zac Efron took a more diplomatic approach.

“I’d have to know more about his policies, but I think he’s a great guy,” said Efron with a laugh. “And he can handle everything. I feel like every president has so much on their plate, Dwayne can shoot movies and be the president,” said Effron.

Alexandra Daddario agreed.

“He knows how to take on that kind of workload,” said Daddario.

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