Allison Tolman stars in ABC’s new show “Downward Dog,” which follows the life of a woman, Nan, and is narrated by her loyal dog.

As Nan juggles her difficult personal life and career, her dog offers his point-of-view on her life.

Tolman, who was nominated for an Emmy and Golden Globe for “Fargo,” chatted with Hot Topics about the new show. Tolman calls says the show is very much about the “love story” between a woman and her dog.

“The primary difference between this story and others is it’s told through the lens of the dog. Martin is the one who narrates directly to audience and lets the audience really know where they’re at in the story,” Tolman said.

She’s been a dog lover her whole life.

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“I was a dog walker for a while, and I also just cleaned out kennels, which is really dirty, messy, smelly work,” said Tolman. “I did both those things at a vet’s office for a while.”

You can watch a special preview of “Downward Dog” Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.

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