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Little Emilia Garbarczyk weighed just eight ounces when she was born 26 weeks into her mother’s pregnancy. Now, she’s celebrating her 9-month birthday, weighing 7 pounds, 2 ounces.

Doctors told Emilia’s mother they would have to deliver her baby very early, otherwise she would not survive. When they delivered her via cesarean section, she was already about half the size of a normal baby at that stage of pregnancy.

Emilia was just over eight-and-a-half inches long. Despite her tiny size, she fought to survive.

Now, she’s the same weight as the average newborn.

Doctors say her road to recovery has been long, but so far it looks like there are no signs of any serious disability, according to the Daily Mail.

“There were many difficult days and many tears, but she clearly wanted to survive,” said Emilia’s mother.