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DENTON, Tx. – A woman couldn’t believe how a line of hungry people treated a deaf cashier at a fast food restaurant in Denton, Texas.

Kolbie Sanders posted the story and a photo to her Facebook page Sunday. She said when she got off her late-shift from work around 1 a.m., she and her boyfriend headed over to Whataburger for a bite.

She said the line was pretty long, and didn’t appear to be moving.

“That’s when I notice the cashier talking to a young couple in front of me,” wrote Sanders. “The girl ordered her food and the cashier just looked at her, smiled, and very faintly said ‘I am deaf, can you please talk slower.’ The girl lit up and said, ‘Oh, of course!'”

The cashier still couldn’t quite hear her, and asked her to write down her order.

“They did so without hesitation. Without a sign of impatience, just pure joy and genuine kindness to be helping that young working man do his job,” wrote Sanders.

Sanders was amazed that every customer after the couple patiently wrote down their order by hand.

“…I was surprised because not one person acted rude or impatient. Every customer complied with him and wrote down their orders without any complaints, just smiling back at him,” wrote Sanders.

Sanders explained she was shocked by what happened for two reasons.

“One, because he is a deaf person and has a job… Kudos to Whataburger alone for allowing this young man to work,” wrote Sanders. “And second, with how twisted the world is becoming and after seeing so many people bully others on a daily basis, I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to see these small acts of kindness demonstrated from so many different people. Seeing people forget their pride or their problems or even their hunger is something you don’t see often. But at the end of the day, it’s about others, not ourselves.”

Sanders’ post has since gone viral, getting nearly 20,000 shares and over 42,000 likes.