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When a homeless man saw a college student in need, he offered her all the money he had, hoping to help her get home safely.

Caroline Santana wrote a touching Facebook post about her encounter with Cesar, a homeless man in Brazil.

She explained that at first, Cesar approached her and asked her for spare change. She dug through her purse looking for cash when she realized she lost her bus pass, and didn’t have any money to pay the fare.

She says ¬†the homeless man didn’t hesitate to help. He immediately offered her R$4, or about $1.22. It was all the money he had.

Caroline denied repeatedly, but Cesar kept insisting. Even though she eventually found her bus pass, he kept offering her the money.

he kept asking, “Are you sure? I can give you that money. I can’t let you walk. I can help you.”

She declined, but she was so touched by his generosity, she asked if she could take a photo with him so she could share his story. The photo she posted to Facebook quickly went viral with more than 600,000 likes and 119,000 shares.

Caroline managed to find R$2 in her purse, and she gave it to the man.

“That story was just a lesson, of character, humility, wisdom and love!” Caroline wrote. “Never judge anyone by their appearance, God writes straight with crooked lines!”