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By Lauren Grose

Whitney was persistent in trying to get pregnant.

One day, she even tried looking online for a potential surrogate. But her friend Jamie said, “I found a surrogate for you. It’s me.”

Jamie and Whitney had been best friends since high school. Junior year, Jamie got pregnant.

Many people judged and spread gossip, but Whitney stood up for her friend.

Years later, Whitney was ready to start her own family.  She tried and failed to get pregnant numerous times.

She eventually turned to artificial insemination and underwent two rounds of in-virto fertiilization. Both attempts failed.

She finally decided to turn to surrogacy, but the process didn’t feel right to her.


“It felt like online dating,” Whitney told the Today Show. “Of course, I was telling Jamie this because we’ve been through so much together, and I can say whatever I want to say, even in times of darkness that may be ugly, because I know she’s not going to judge me.”

Jamie contemplated the decision for months before finally approaching Whitney with her idea: she could be the surrogate for Whitney.

Thanks for Jamie, Crews Asher Britt was born.

“It was just so exciting to see them hold their baby,” said Jamie. “The whole 10 months was just so worth it. It felt so good, I just knew what they felt as new parents, and the feeling I had was, ‘Wow, I was able to do this for them.'”