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A couple was enjoying their honeymoon, until the groom took off his wedding ring and lost it.

Brandon and Megan Schumacher thought they’d never find it again, until a good Samaritan figured out a clever way to return it.

Brandon told ABC News when he took the ring off, he placed them in his goggles on the sand.

“I was thinking, ‘You can’t possibly lose it if it’s in the nose of the goggles. You have to look right at it before putting them on.’ But then I started messing with my GoPro and got distracted and noticed there was sand in the goggles later and took them to the water to rinse out… An hour later I noticed I wasn’t wearing my ring and started freaking out,” said Brandon.

He searched for more than an hour for the ring, but couldn’t find it. They even checked nearby pawn shops with no luck.

The couple flew home a few days later, disheartened.

Little did they know another couple visiting Hawaii from Oregon found the ring floating in the ocean.

“They were walking in ankle deep water and his wife saw something dark in the water. She saw a dark spot and stepped on it and she just kept pushing until the water went back, and picked it up and noticed it was a wedding band,” Brandon told ABC News.

The couple’s son-in-law later noticed the ring had coordinates engraved on the inside. The coordinates marked the church where the Schumacher’s got married.

They got in touch with the church, which connected the two families. Brandon and Megan were relived to have their ring back and offered to give a reward to the couple, according to KMBC.

“I said, ‘Can we give you a reward?’ and he says, ‘No, this is your wedding band. We’re not going to take that from you,'” recalled Megan.

Watch the incredible story below: