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CLEVELAND – After spending nearly an entire year apart, a Navy reservist is finally back home to spend the holidays with her son.

Video posted by SouthPark Mall on Facebook shows Navy reservist Julie Workman sneaking up behind her son to surprise him as he posed for a photo with his mom.

The Cleveland mother told ABC News she was deployed to Bahrain in January 2016.

“I’ve been stateside since early November, but I didn’t know when I was getting to actually come back to Ohio,” Workman said. “I found out Monday and flew home Tuesday. He knew I was in Virginia, but had no clue when I’d be home.”

Workman’s cousin helped plan the big surprise. She hid as Dillon sat on Santa’s lap for the photo.  At the perfect moment, she surprised him. Both Workman and Dillon started to cry happy tears.

“When he jumped up and hugged me, he asked, ‘Where did you come from?’ He wouldn’t stop hugging me,” said Workman.

Watch the heartwarming reunion below: