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By Kamron Taylor

A reporter in Houston, Texas, visited a local Starbucks, but it wasn’t for your average coffee run.

KHOU’s Khern-Min Chow posted a video on Facebook. Out of the fewer than a dozen baristas in the video, three are deaf, and there is one translator.

In this heartwarming video, deaf patrons are also recorded drinking their coffee and signing with each other.

“So this is kind of a cool situation,” Chow said on camera, “where we have three deaf baristas who are working in a very high traffic, intense environment because — what do you know about Starbucks folks? — They want their coffee, right? They want it quick and they want it right. Those are the things.”

The baristas went over the key signs with Chow — hot, cold and even whipped cream.

We’re so inspired by the clip and fans so were fans on Facebook. |