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SARASOTA, Fl. – A homeless man living on the streets of Sarasota, Florida went viral for his piano playing skills. Now, his life is turning around. Donations are pouring in, and his former college has asked him to come back, offering a full ride scholarship.

Scroll down to see video of his piano playing. 

Donald Gould started his musical training as a kid, eventually playing for the US Marine Corps years later. After his service, he attended college, aspiring to be a music teacher, but after his wife died, his life changed. He makes money by playing music on the street.

“I was thinking I could just put my hat on the piano and make a couple dollars and get tips,” Gould says. “I didn’t expect it to jump out to this.”

A Jacqueline Bevan says she’s a personal friend of Donald’s. She and her husband started a GoFundMe page to raise money for him. It has already raised more than $40,000.

According to updates posted by Jacqueline, three wonderful things have happened to Donald since his story went viral.

First, he was offered a full ride to return to Spring Arbor University. Secondly, he was able to get in touch with his son. And finally, he entered a rehab facility to turn his life around.

Moments before they entered rehab. Courtesy GoFundMe
Moments before they entered rehab. Courtesy GoFundMe.

Things are really looking up for this homeless man with enormous talent! It’s amazing what’s possible with a little help from the Internet.