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A bride’s emotional first-look photos with her grandmother are melting hearts around the country.

Jordyn Jensen and Dakota Cleverly tied the knot earlier this month in Boise, Idaho, ABC News reports. Jensen decided to surprise her grandmother by wearing her 1962 wedding gown on her big day. Grandmother Penny Jensen had no idea about her granddaughter’s plan.

Jensen asked wedding photographer Kortney Petersen to capture the first-look photos between her and her grandmother in the iconic gown.

“A first look unlike any other I’ve done before… between this sweet bride and her grandma,” Petersen wrote on her Facebook page.

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Photos show Penny Jensen tearing up seeing her granddaughter in her 55-year-old wedding gown.

According to ABC News, Penny Jensen’s husband died before Jordyn Jensen was born.

“As the bride walked outside to see her grandma, it began to rain,” Peterson said. “We all viewed the rain as teardrops from heaven looking down. Teardrops from her grandfather. It made the moment just that much more beautiful and special.”

 The pictures were shared by the Love What Matters Facebook page, where they went viral, getting more than 39,000 likes.