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A bride was heartbroken that she would have to be wheeled down the aisle on her wedding day, so her groom decided to carry her instead.

Hannah Patterson told ABC News that just a few weeks before her August 25 wedding in Ontario, Canada, she was in a bad car crash.

“I broke my pelvis in three places, punctured my¬†kidney, broke my ribs,¬†concussion, loss of partial hearing,” Hannah said. She had to use a wheelchair to get around as she recovered from the crash.

Her photographer recently shared a photo of the touching moment to Facebook.

“Although this bride had been in a terrible car accident 5 weeks before the wedding day, this couple’s love was not going to be stopped. After her father wheeled her partway down the aisle, her groom tenderly carried her the rest of the way,” the photographer explained in the photo’s caption.