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SEATTLE – A henna artist’s stunning gift to patients battling cancer is lifting their spirits.

Henna company Sarahenna based in Seattle offers henna tattoos that help their clients feel beautiful. The Indian art of henna is traditionally used to adorn people for special occasions, like weddings.

Sarahenna’s Instagram and Facebook pages also showcases how they decorate brides and pregnancy bellies with beautiful designs.

One specialty that’s attracting attention is crowns to cancer patients, free of charge.

“I have always known I wanted a way to help others in a meaningful and tangible way,” founder Sarah Walters told Mashable. “My mom asked me to do a crown for her friend who was fighting cancer in 2010… I knew I wanted to make them accessible to anyone who had lost their hair during chemo.”

Walters said she’s glad help boost her clients’ confidence.

“My clients have told me they feel uplifted, beautiful, and attention from strangers is now about the art on their head rather than their illness,” said Walters.

Check out some of her work below:

Exciting news (and this isn't all, so stay tuned)! Evening Magazine, the Seattle area NBC news magazine, contacted me recently to talk to me about my henna crowns. They did a short interview with me and fabulous Lauren, and filmed me applying a crown for her. I am not a fan of being on camera and am pretty sure I was awkward; but it was a fun experience and I'm excited to watch. If you're local, tomorrow night you can tune in to @king5evening at 7:30 PM (channel 5) TONIGHT, Tuesday 11/22. Thank you to the amazing @ariannascottmakeup for her hair and makeup magic, which I don't have a clue how to do myself! 😂 #hennacrown #sarahenna #henna #king5evening #seattlehenna #Kirkland #seattle #bothell #sankaraimports #ariannascott #Repost @kimholcomb ・・・ Shooting a story about @sarahennaseattle, who creates stunning #hennacrowns for women undergoing chemo. ❤️

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