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Amy Craton attended college decades ago, but had to cut her studies short when she and her husband divorced, forcing her to get a full-time job.

Now, Craton has accomplished her life-long dream at 93 years young and completely online.

“Sitting here one day in front of the computer, I thought, boy, I’m just wasting my time here. I think I’ll go back to college and finish my degree,” Craton told NBC News.

For years she worked as an administrative assistant. She now relies on a wheelchair to get around and is hard of hearing, so her dreams of college were soon dashed.

Recently her son suggested she attend college online.

“I’m on Facebook and I email,” said Craton. “I’m comfortable being online.”

She decided to enroll in Fall 2014. She will complete her degree in the fall, when she’s 94-years-young. She has maintained a 4.0 GPA and has no trouble keeping up with her courses.

“It’s never dull. I’ve always got something to do. And I’m always learning something,” said Craton.