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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is working hard to instill good values in his darling baby girl.

On Labor Day, he shared a heartwarming photo and a story about a philosophical talk he had with his 8-month-old daughter Jasmine.

“In the spirit of Labor Day, I had an amazing philosophical conversation w/ my baby girl about the value of hard work and how respect is given when it’s earned,” Johnson wrote on Facebook.

The photo shows Jasmine sitting on her dad’s shoulders, staring into the camera with her big, blue eyes. Johnson says it’s her favorite seat in the house, and she loves to play drums on his “big head.”

“I told her, ‘Baby girl when you grow up, you get out there and dent the universe thru hard work and sweat. And always make sure you do it in a positive way with class, dignity and respect,'” wrote Johnson.

But apparently, little Jasmine wasn’t having any of it.

“She responded by poo’ing on me in this moment,” wrote Johnson.