By Brett Rosner, WSB-TV

FRIEDENSBURG, PA – It was a moment that a student will never forget: What started off as an embarrassing moment turned sweet when her school bus driver came to the rescue.

Blue Mountain Elementary School posted on their Facebook page photos of Farrah Heim and her bus driver, Michele Yob.

On Friday, Farrah was boarding the bus with a tray of homemade cupcakes for her classmates when the student in front of her accidentally kicked her back leg, causing the tray to flip and ruin the cupcakes.

Michele, who witnessed everything, knew this moment could be devastating for a little girl. So she kept the tray and told Farrah that she would fix the problem.

So between her bus runs, Michele washed the tray, baked and iced brand new cupcakes for Farrah. She was able to drop them off to the school just in time for Farrah to share with her friends.

Farah was so touched by the thoughtful gesture that she wrote a note to Michele.

She addressed it to “the bus driver that saved the day.”

“The bus driver that saved the day:” Bus driver turns student’s embarrassing moment into something positive

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