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By Jessica Sooknanan

NEW YORK CITY – A Starbucks store manager is getting a lot of attention for showing some love to first responders after an explosion rocked a New York City neighborhood.

Saturday night, officials say a bomb erupted in the Chelsea district of Manhattan, sending 29 people to the hospital. All 29 people were treated for non-life threatening injuries and released.

As first responders investigated the explosion Sunday, Starbucks store manager Germaine Zolkos brought them free coffee and two bags of pastries as a token of his gratitude.

Zolkos, 40, told Hot Topics partner that the Starbucks store he manages was close to the blast. The store was shut down Sunday. He was stationed at another store nearby and wanted to do something to thank the first responders.

“I wish I could have given them more,” said Zolkos. “I just never thought some coffees I gave to them… I just never thought it would be something like this.”

Since the video was posted online, people from around the country have been reaching out to thank Zolkos for his simple act of kindness.

“I’ve never felt so proud to do something in my life. I just feel so warm,” said Zolkos. “People just don’t understand small thank-yous and holding the door open for others… those little things count so much in life, because you just don’t know what people are going through in life.”

Zolkos, a father of three, said the overwhelming reaction to his small act of kindness has given him hope for his kids’ futures.

His youngest son, now 9 years old, has autism.

“Some people might look down. But just that he knows there are kind people in this world that will try to help him if he needs help… When he gets older and I’m not around, there will be some people that will try to help,” said Zolkos.