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AUSTIN, Tx. – A 74-year-old man says he’s alive today because of a skydiving pact he made with his grandson.

Ed Flemming of Austin, Texas told his grandson that he would go skydiving with him on his 18th birthday. But because he’s over 65, he had to undergo a medical exam before the jump.

“I took the stress test Friday afternoon and was driving home and got a call from them saying to turn around and get to the Austin heart hospital as soon as you can,” Flemming told KXAN.

Doctors told Flemming that he had to get quintuple bypass surgery, because five of his arteries were blocked.

If Flemming jumped from the plane, he likely would have died.

“I just thought it was a mistake on the part of someone’s machinery, because I felt fine, I had no symptoms at all,” Flemming told KXAN.

He had the surgery just days later and hopes he can go skydiving as soon as doctors give him a clean bill of health.