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IOWA CITY, Iowa – When a cross country runner saw a teen on an opposing team veer off-course during a race, he knew he had to help him cross the finish line.

Evan Hansen is a sophomore at City High in Iowa. He was competing at a cross country meet when he spotted runner Adam Todd, a junior at Washington High School, start to travel off course.

Todd has autism and sometimes becomes distracted during meets. He heard an ambulance and started to run towards it to check it out.

When Hansen saw Todd becoming distracted, he grabbed his hand and led him towards the finish line.

“It was pretty amazing, actually,” said Hansen. “I kind of pushed him in front of me when we finished. I wanted him to be in front of me, because he finished it by himself, I’d like to say.”

The coaches of both teams say they were moved by their sportsmanship.

Watch the heartwarming story below: