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LAS VEGAS – A 74-year-old woman is thanking her local police department for going above and beyond to make her smile after someone stole a jewelry box, filled with irreplaceable keepsakes.

Ellen DeAntonio called police when she discovered someone stole her jewelry box, not just filled with expensive jewels, but also with priceless keepsakes.

“It hurts my heart,” DeAntonio, a cancer survivor, told KSVN.

KSVN reports that while police weren’t able to locate the missing jewelry box, they got her the next-best-thing: a box filled with donated jewels from police officers and their families.

Stayce Ruesch works with detectives in support tech and was so moved by DeAntonio’s story that she wanted to help.

“It was a lot of fun to do this and I’m just so glad all the employees stepped up and we were able to make this happen,” Ruesch said.

DeAntonio said she’s grateful to the officers for their kindness.

“To the whole police department: Thank you for everything,” said DeAntonio.