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GRAHAM, Wash. –¬†When a family went on vacation, their home was vandalized, plastered with racist graffiti. Heartbroken by what they saw and determined to shield the family’s five children from the hate, neighbors and police officers came together to repair¬†the damage before they came back home.

When Heidi Russell woke up one morning in her Graham, Washington home, she couldn’t believe what she saw.

“It made me want to cry when I saw it,” Russell told KING. “It was terrible.”

Neighbors and law enforcement officers knew they had to repair the damage.

“Our biggest concern was getting this done before the family came home, because they have small children and we didn’t want them to see their truck or their home vandalized,” said Russell.

Dozens of families came together with buckets of paint and supplies to help repair the damages. Even a police officer who serves the small town stopped by to help.

The family couldn’t be more grateful when they arrived home to a yard full of love.

“I’m overwhelmed and I’m shocked,” homeowner Marvin Phillips told KING. “When I heard what happened, I was hurt. I don’t know who did this. I was more concerned about the kids.”