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ORLANDO – Over two dozen people injured in the Orlando nightclub massacre are still being treated at hospitals 48 hours after the shooting.

Doctors at the Orlando Regional Medical Center provided an update Tuesday morning about the injured and operations that tragic night.

Dr. Michael Cheatham says six patients are in critical condition and another five are in guarded condition. Sixteen patients are stable at the hospital.

One of the survivors, Angel Colón, described the dramatic shooting from the inside of Pulse Nightclub.

Colón said he and his friends were ending their night around 2 a.m. Sunday when they heard a shot “out of nowhere.”

He and his friends attempted to run out of the club when they were hit with the gunfire from gunman Omar Mateen.

Colón says he was hit three times in his leg, shattering his bone. He immediately fell to the floor and felt people trampling him as they escaped the club.

Colón said the gunman was shooting everywhere inside Pulse.

“He’s shooting everyone that’s dead on the floor to make sure…” Colón said.

After a few moments of quiet, Colón said he began to hear the gunfire again, this time inching closer to him. He said the woman lying next to him was shot by the gunman and then thought “I’m next… I’m dead.”

Colón said the gunman shot toward his head but missed and hit his hand.

A short time later, Colón recalls seeing the gunman get into a shootout with police.

Officers swarmed the club and Colón says he remembers one officer who found him and checked to see that he was alive.

“He grabs my hand, ‘this is the only way I can take you out,’” Colón said.

The officer then dragged Colón through shattered glass outside the club and across the street to safety where an ambulance took him to ORMC.

To the doctors, Colón said he cannot thank them enough.

“If it wasn’t for you guys, I definitely wouldn’t be here. I will love you guys forever,” Colón said.