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GATLINBURG, Tenn. – A family who lost everything in the Gatlinburg, Tennessee wildfires has a reason to be grateful thanks to a woman’s generosity.

Jenny Blaton lives in Kentucky and was planning on trading in her Cadillac for a new car. But when she saw the devastation that hit so many in Tennessee, she had another idea.

“They said you don’t want to trade it? I said no, I’m taking it to Gatlinburg giving it to a family,” Blaton told WATE.

She signed the car over to the Plec family, who can’t quite find the words to thank Blaton for her kindness.

“I could never imagine people could be as generous as Miss Jenny was when she donated my wife and I this car. It’s going to save us so much. We won’t have to walk to do laundry or grocery shopping,” said Greg Pelc.

The family is so grateful, the plan to use the car to shuttle other families in need around as well.